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  1. woesome-lonesome
    • a minute ago
      CameraCanon EOS 5D Mark II
      Focal Length50mm

      HollyHoodlumm, Brooklyn, NY


      Taken by Andre Uncut

    • 2 minutes ago
      Cheri is in boxes!

      Villager you’re trading: Cheri

      Villagers you’re looking for: None.

      Real life/World time your villager moves: Tomorrow.

      Personality/Species: Peppy/Cub

      Additional Info: i am accepting wishlist items only, no bell offers or villagers please!(: 

      URL: mayor-katheryne.tumblr.com

      FC: 5258-0325-5565

    • 2 minutes ago
      Chops is moving

      Villager you’re trading: Chops
      Villager(s) you’re looking for: None, he’s free.
      Real life/world time your villager moves: 4/20, but I’m going to TT
      Personality/Species: Smug/Pig
      Additional info: If I don’t get any offers in the next couple hours, he’ll be voided
      URL: http://leagueofcycling.tumblr.com/ask
      FC: 0189-8900-9997

    • 2 minutes ago

      Villager you’re trading: Lucky
      Villager(s) you’re looking for: merengue, cookie, lolly, gala, chrissy, bob, freya, eloise, tia, flurry. 
      Real life/world time your villager moves: 21st of april
      Personality/Species: dog, lazy. 
      Additional info: he’s almost original! i think his shirt has changed and he’s added a few things to his house. feel free to make an offer (villagers, bells or wishlist, although i’d prefer villagers) i will not time travel. 
      URL: 4pup.tumblr.com
      FC: 3797 - 7376 - 2624 

    • 3 minutes ago

      anonymous asked:

      Do you think you could write something about having feelings for someone who has a boyfriend/girlfriend? I can't put my feelings into words the way you can. The feeling for each other is mutual but he just can't seem to break away from his girlfriend so I'm just left here alone and wondering. Btw, incase you need the info for the poem, I'm a girl who likes a guy who has a girlfriend.

    • 3 minutes ago

      Villager you’re trading: Flo

      Villager(s) you’re looking for: Pheobe
      Real life/world time your villager moves: April 18th
      Personality/Species: Uchi penguin
      Additional info: Will take any offers. If anything, I would love love love azeleas starts and fertilizer. 
      URL: a-little-knotty.tumblr.com
      FC: 0361-7069-1742

    • 3 minutes ago
      Chevre is leaving Hyrule

      Villager you’re trading: Chevre
      Villager(s) you’re looking for: Goldie, Marina, Marshal
      Real life/world time your villager moves: Today!
      Personality/Species: Normal/Goat
      Additional info: Not accepting bell offers.
      URL: hyrulian-princess.tumblr.com
      FC: 5155-3071-4069

    • 4 minutes ago

      Villager you’re trading: Drago
      Villager(s) you’re looking for: n/a
      Real life/world time your villager moves: Today!
      Personality/Species: lazy/alligator 
      Additional info: He is almost entirely original :)  His shirt is different but I believe everything else is original!

      I’m seeking bell offers :)
      URL: flowerguts.tumblr.com
      FC: 4914-2942-7905

    • 4 minutes ago
      Pekoe is leaving my cycle town

      Villager you’re trading: Pekoe
      Villager(s) you’re looking for: Alice, Maple, Beau, Skye, Tia, Margie, Peaches, Penelope, Merengue, Willow
      Real life/world time your villager moves: April 19th but I would prefer to TT her out
      Personality/Species: Normal cub
      Additional info: Depending on the villager offers I’ll either want to move them into my main or my cycle. Her house and phrases haven’t been touched but she is wearing a white shirt. 
      URL: http://wildcosmia.tumblr.com/ask
      FC: 1822-0850-8923

    • 4 minutes ago
      Wolfgang is leaving Leskea!

      Villager you’re trading: Wolfgang
      Villagers you’re looking for: Antonio*, Cyrano*,  Merengue*, Julian, Gayle, Whitney, Colton, as well as any octopi
      Real life/world time your villager moves: April 18th
      Personality/Species: Cranky/Wolf
      Additional info: I’m also open to villagers not on my list;  mostly anteaters, horses and crocodiles.
      URL: staggitystag.tumblr.com/ask
      FC: 0061-0483-7722

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